Wednesday, September 22, 2010

FATBEATS Remembered.....

I think i might have been the very 1st Fatbeats, NY intern, those 2 weeks of training before my job actually started. I was the happiest person on Earth the day I got that job! It was a time when people still came in once a week to see what new records dropped. Walking into Fatbeats was like entering hip hop heaven, it was the perfect mix of audio and visual stimulation. You could always count on them for a game of "what's that sample" or if you were lucky you would look up and there would be DJ Premier, or Diamond D, or Jean Grae, or J Rocc, or ?uestlove... and you knew you were home. Every job i've had since (except Trader Joe's) is directly related to the time I spent at Fatbeats. Joe, thanks for hiring me, it changed my life! To Fatbeats: Thanks for the memories! Here is a piece of my story..
* look at the wall behind folks to see what else was out then*